Shaking Loose / Shaping Up: Helping Poems Happen & Finding their Form

Master Class with Ellen Doré Watson
Intermediate Level
Class Size: 10 participants

During this intensive one-day poetry workshop, you will be given strategies to banish your interior editor and to follow your ear and your impulses. We’ll explore shape and wordplay as paths to composition and revision, and we’ll talk about how to follow the poem where it wants to go, as opposed to fleshing out preconceptions. The goal is to develop tools both to shake poems loose and to re-imagine works-in-progress.

  • Participants must submit a 5-7 page sample of original poems to have critiqued (a sampling of both in-progress and finished work and each labeled as such) to be workshopped in class. 
  • Deadline to submit the poems is Monday, October 8, 2018. 
Gemini Ink