Dear Workshop Participants,

Just so Mr. Turner has time to review and fully read your work, he would like you to submit 10-20 pages of a memoir-in-progress prior to the course on Saturday, July 22nd. The absolute deadline for submission of memoir samples is July 15th, but early submission is encouraged.

All you need to do is submit your work-in-progress in one Word or PDF file, with your name and a page number on each page. Please fill in your basic contact information below and follow the prompts given to you.  This is a simple and efficient process. You need only upload the appropriate file from your computer to submit it. If you have any questions or would prefer to submit your writing sample by email, please email Alexandra van de Kamp at: If submitting via email, please attach your writing in one file. We look forward to your taking part in our summer conference on "Writing for Change," and are thrilled to have Brian Turner as one of our featured authors.